Tetsuya Kawakami Business report in Holland (4) (2008/1/26)

Tetsuya Kawakami
(Translated by Mariko Wada)

 Finally I will stay in Holland for a few days.
 I would like to inform about research of NL crop 2007 situation and listening to exporters.

@ Regarding the amount of bulb production in NL crop 2007
 All company that I researched think NL crop of Oriental 2007 was over production, and production acreage will decrease in 2008, and they think it should decrease for sound bulbs price and market.
A Regarding the stock situation of NL crop 2007 in each exporter
 B company: decreased mainly Acapulco and Merostar etc, and 10% less than last year.
 C company: almost same as last year.
 D company: almost same as last year.
 P company: increased a few % than last year in major varieties that are Casa Blanca, Siberia, Tiber,
         Rialto, Conca D’or and Yelloween etc. , but decreasing day by day.
 V company: decreased slightly than last year because Oriental was decreased a bit.

● By a president of major exporter, bulb growers could not sell out older varieties (Merostar, Stargazer, Acapulco etc) and they could sell major varieties, but could not sell some sizes and still have some unsold stock in grower’s side. These bulbs have some quality problem so, not suitable to export. Then they should throw away them finally.

 To be cheaper the bulbs price will be welcome for cost down of cut flower production, but also it may make unhealthy bulb production, low quality, unstable supply. I hope growers should hear worldwide informations carefully to keep balance of demand and supply.