Our event was featured on the Japan Agricultural newspaper.(May 22th. 2008)


                                            From Japan Agricultural newspaper, May 22th, Thursday
Opening with Lilies from overseas.
Nankamura Noen Co., Ltd that is in Nagahama, Kochi pref,Japan import lily bulbs from foreign countries, keep them by cooling with strict quality control to supply high-quality lily bulbs and aim to improve cut lily’s production. They had open days for forcers, exporters, other partners and neighbors in their test greenhouse on May 16th〜18th,2008.

They built the test greenhouse for Lily last year that is one of the biggest in Japan. Before greenhouse was built, they could get forcing information only from bulbs supplyers, but now can get a lot of data of forcing from their own testing.
The test greenhouse is divided in 6 rooms by crop and hybrid type(L, LO, LA, AZ, OR and OT). They can control irrigation, fertilization, schedule, quantity and concentration per room. And this greenhouse has the equipment of temperature control by wind and mist.

They grow about 400 varieties(14,000 lilies) in the test forcing(1,500u), and audience were charmed by brilliant colors, Red, Orange, Pink etc. Mr Fukuhara who is a forcer of Oriental lily in Tosa City said, “I can check real lilies, not pictures and also ask questions to staffs.” Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura who is a chairman of Nakamura Noen Co., Ltd said “We are so happy if many people are interested in lily more and more through this open day.”