@ Japan Agricultural Newspaper: Future vision of Agri-companyiOctober 6th, 2008j
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Japan Agriculture Newspaper have a report about our company on October 6th.

Nakamura-Noen Co., Ltd, one of the biggest lily importers in Japan, supplies 34,000,000 lily bulbs in a year, which are grown in Japan, Netherland, New Zealand and Chile.
Nowadays demand for flowers is less than before, quantity of imported bulbs is also decreasing, but their quantity has gone up year by year.
Hiroshi Nakamura: president says, gWe can ship the bulbs when customers need them on time, and advise forcers how to grow, so our reliability is going up.h
gBasically, we visit each forcer and speak each other to sell bulbs in customersf greenhouses. Of course, we give them information by phone or website, but so-called gFace to Face salesh is more important.h, he says.

In Jan. 2007, they built 1,620 u their own test-greenhouse, it is the biggest for lily in Japan. They have 4 layer covers, to cut fuel cost 40%. In this autumn, they are testing 250 varieties. He says, gIf we supply same varieties every year, market will lose interested in lilies soon.h They will test more than 400 varieties in next spring to choose suitable and attractive varieties for Japanese.
He says, gWe like to bring up the specialist in lily growing and varieties, to be more useful adviser for forcers in near future.h
Also, many people ask them to accept successors of flower growers as trainees to study lily forcing. He is considering possibility of it in order to make flower industry more promising in future.