Some chemical restrains smell of Lily(July 13th,2009)

                                       Hiroshi Nakamura (chairman of JFTA)

 Thank you for your usual cooperation.
  On June 23,
I visited JFTD ( Japan Florist’ Telegraph Delivery Assn.), one of the biggest florist group in Japan, their board members said to me as the chairman of JFTA ( Japan Flowerbulb Traders’ Assn.),
Although JFTD intend to promote lilies more, the smell of lily especially Oriental’s is too strong, it is difficult to use in the restaurant or hospital. They asked me to improve it, then, I answered them some laboratory have developed already some chemical that can control the strong smell of lily.

 On June 25,
Japan Agriculture newspaper reported our Governmental Research Organization / Flower laboratory announced that they developed some che- mical that restrains the smell of Orientals. Before flowers open, we put the plant in the water with some chemical, we can lower the smell one eighth.
 On July 4,
In the working dinner of IFBC and JFTA, we discussed this subject, We decided that smell’s problem is very important and general problem when we are going to promote lily in common consumer’s market later on, So we JFTA should better contact together laboratory to realize this big project.
 On July 6,
I, as the representative of JFTA, met some person who works in the business solution section of head office of Mizuho Bank to ask him to help us. He is contacting the laboratory. I hope him to work effectively.
 On July 13,
NHK ( Japanese public TV station) reported this subject in the morning news program. Many people should watch it, and they must be much interested in.
We JFTA hope together that this big project proceed smoothly, and JFTD’s“Happy mother to be” campaign will succeed, to enlarge the market of lily.

 With best regards,

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