@ A thought at the beginning of the year as the chairman of JFTA on Floriculture Newsi1/15/2010j

@A happy new year 2010 !!

@Last year might be one of the hardest year for flower industry in Japan, still circumstance was getting worse year by year.
@Flower bulbs that we JFTA : Japan Flower Bulb Tradersf Assn. handle, are not exception. Although bulbfs price went down considerably due to worldwide market price and strong Yen, quantities also went down. Japan imported lily bulbs 140 million last year, it is 9 % less than 2 years ago, 30 % less than 10 years ago.
@We JFTA are faced with a difficulty, tried to enlarge the consumption as much as possible, even if we could not do it enough.

@From last year, we and IBC; International Flower Bulb Center Holland changed #8 Ms.Lilyfs reward ceremony to do it in Flower Dream 2009 in Tokyo Big Site of JFTD;the biggest Japanese floristsf group, in July, in front of many audiences. It was reported by many medias too. Ms.Lily 2009 was Miss Meisa Kuroki, she is a very popular young actress.

@Now, JFTD is doing g Happy Mother To Be h campaign, that is the promotion whichg Shall we present lily to women with thanksh They are going to do it throughout year,at any flower-shops of JFTD, not only one year but also long term. The campaign is going well steadily.
@JFTA registered for a corporation aggregate officially last year, because it is more reliable when we contact or make an agreement with government and other concerned. We are going to do more investigations, publicities, promotions and educations from this year, in order we want to be more workable for flower industry. Already we are starting some important experiment.

@Further, we and IBC cooperate together stronger, try more promotions that we let people enjoy bulb-flowers and flower-bulbs.However, we, bulb importersf small group cannot overcome todayfs difficulties by our-selves, for sure.

@We should cooperate with people who grow and sell the flowers to solve the problems and to survive in this hard period.
@We sincerely need anybodyfs kind understanding and support for us.

Thank you!!
As the Chairman of JFTA@@Hiroshi Nakamura