IFEX 2010 (2010/11/1)
To whom it may concerned with JBF booth IN IFEX

Special Thanks !!

 Thank you for your kind assistance to our JBF(Japan Bulb Flower) booth in IFEX(International Flower Expo in Tokyo) from Oct.28th to 30th, not only JFTA members but also many people who concerned. Many visitors visited our booth, we could give them many suggestions and surprises. Ms. Anne Verdoes, director of IBC head office in Netherland visited Japan to see IFEX, she was much satisfied with our JBF booth.
Especially we succeeded in, as follows.
1, We could show many newer and good quality lily flowers.
2, We could show various bulbs and tubers to suggest how to enjoy the bulbs, and also how to sell the bulbs.
3, This is the first time when JFTA(bulb importers’ assn.), JFGA( flower growers’ assn.), and IBC(promotion organization) could cooperate together to have a booth.
4, During the exhibition, JFTA and JFGA members stood at the booth to wait on visitors aggressively and warmly to make the booth united and active.
I personally think it was one of the most popular booths in IFEX.

On Oct. 31st, JFTA and IBC held a working dinner in Tokyo. Upon the meeting, Mr. Jan de Wit and Ms. Anne Verdoes announced IBC’s budget for bulb market in Japan next year should be almost same as before, also budget for lily cut flowers too, we will start collecting money by so-called Scandinavian method from SH crop 2011, and will start expending specifically for lily cut flower’s promotion from Jan. 2012. Mr. Len Alkemade IBC Tokyo asked us JFTA to suggest good ideas that can be useful for lily promotion as many as possible.
Circumstance of flower industry in Japan is getting harder and harder every year, then each bulb- importer should be more severe and serious to offer the better services to customers, but, at the same time, we should cooperate together to solve the problems, to improve the situation, and to expand the demand for flowers, whatever.
Special thanks to Mr.Len and Mrs.Chie Alkmade, and everybody who kindly support our JBF booth in IFEX.
With best regards,
Nov. 1st 2010
JFTA( Japan Flower- bulb Traders’ Association)
Hiroshi Nakamura ; Chairperson
 Photo Album by Mr.Isao Kanetou IFEX 2010
IFEX 2010
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