Southern Hemisphere 2011(1/6/2011)

                                                  Keigo Nakamura

 A Happy New Year !!
 We would ask you mutual cooperation this year as well.
 It’s Rabbit year, so we expect your jumping success.
(Our company had little hard time in last few years, But I concluded it was necessary squat before jump.)
(Turn over decreased though…)We could deal NL crop 2010 and SH crop 2010 more quantity than year before, which is truly by your support. Thank you sincerely.

Here now we report about Chile & New Zealand 2011.

@ Variety list of production
Please refer attached list. (Japanese ver only)
Mentioned variety is on production 2011 SH, and also has lot number for Japan.
Till last year, checking at exporter side was not enough, and part of variety was canceled deal at harvesting time.
At preparation of 2011 SH, we first asked to confirm lot number.
Seeing number of variety, many new varieties are in Chile, but Vletter tell us quantities of those are not much.

A Amount of production
 Certain acreage of each growers is not known yet, but we estimate Chile is same to little increase, and New Zealand is increasing.
Regarding LA hybrid, Chile will decrease, and NZ which is mainly grown by VZ keeps same amount, but Trinity decreased and restart Dazzle, Couplet.
(CH & NZ crop 2010 was totally not enough LA and Asiatic)
For schedule in second half of this year, you have to make plan including NL crop 2010, but Holland was less crop and we can’t purchase additional now. Please check and prepare in our stock list.

B Climate
So far, it is good weather from planting till now, so most growers could finish planting earlier, and growth looks good.
Many parts were already disbudded, which is 1-2 weeks advance.
Under mentioned is my rough image.
Crop 2010 2011
Planting time Bad climate, delay Finish earlier
Growth in beginning Rain, low temperature Good weather and growth
Climate in Autumn Late summer, late autumn ???
Sprout development Delay, small ???
Enlargement Average Good??
Power contents Lower than average Better??

C Price quotation
 So far firm offer is not decided yet, and price level is unclear.
NL crop 2010 was less growth and some shortage, so market price has been heated up too much.
Mood is still on that tide, so I hear grower side is expecting higher price than before (every year the same basically).
We have to cool down once.

We should see the valance between production amount and worldwide demand, then discuss suitable price level and keep stable quotation. That is what I like to effort for.

Now exchange late of Yen / Euro stays stronger compare to last year.
Nakamura-Noen makes use of that merit and try to offer reasonable bulb price for you. SH crop 2010 was too expensive.

☆We receive a favorable review and offer special cooling charge for SH 2011 again, which is benefit by solar electricity generator panel.