@ @Report of Trip to Holland@iMay 25th 2011j

Keigo Nakamura
@Thank you very much for your usual cooperation.
@I visited the Netherlands for 1 week from May15, and here I would like to report the trip.

1. Influence of late frost
Spring in Holland is generally warm this year, and planting and primary growth are well. Here is the situation of the late frost on May4-5th which we introduced the other day.

The main varieties which got damage are OT varieties such as Robina, Conca Dfor, and Manissa. Orientals on the next ridge didnft have much damage, so it can be said that this was because OTs grow faster and the element of gtrumpeth is weak against frost.
In the district which had this late frost, there are about 250 ha of field. Some people say that the actual damaged acreage is 30-40Ha.
(The acreage of production is; Oriental 1504 + OT 307 = 1811 ha).
In the damaged field, leaves turned brown in some parts. There is an estimate that the salable quantity will be decrease by 30-40%. An export company which I visited its field mentions that they cannot read the actual damage until June because they need to wait to see how the growth recovers first.
OT varieties which mainly got damaged were already sold out, therefore were not much influence to the market price.

2. Lily Parade might disappear?
Keukenhof Dutch Lily Parade was held from May12 to May20. It is hard for most breeding companies and exporters to bring the most varieties to bloom on this time, so breeders and exporters hold united festival called gDutch Lily Daysh from May24 to May28 instead of reducing the participation to the Lily Parade.
@Even though the sizes and decorations of each booth became smaller, more varieties than expected were flowering on show by the warm spring weather in the Netherlands. Many flowers were demonstrated simply in vases, so it was easy to see each variety.
@Also they had many pop arts in spare rooms as the photos below, and gave more enjoyable time to people who were not from the industry.
After next year, the Lily Parade might be aimed more at those general people.
Dutch Lily Days, on the other hand, is an event which is held in different places by each company. Therefore, it is hard to see and compare the varieties from different breeding companies at same time and same place. It would be nice if there was a chance to look at flowers and growth of many varieties at a same time.
Come to think of it, I think there is a good event in Kochi in early Junec??

3. Featured varieties

The woman in the photo is a German gold medalist of Olympic skater, Ms. Anni Friesinger. Mark Lilyfs white Oriental was given her name, and the memorial ceremony was held in the Lily Parade. This Anni Friesinger is compact, and also its size and shape of flower is good. Wefd like to expect a success of this variety.

The No.1 Oriental in the Lily Parade was Sellano.
It was shown in Keukenhof for only short time, and it even didnft have name plates at Vletterfs exhibition room. This news got a big attention since it won the prize in spite of its little exposure.
We thought that gSellanoh was a wrong spelling of gSeranoh, so we typed gSeranoh in the award list which we sent you the other day instead of gSellanoh. Please correct the name in your list. We are very sorry for this mistake.
The flower has elegant shape of strong white with no projections.

We would like to feature red OTfs too.
Recently grower companies are keen on developing OT varieties, and we could see many red OTfs this year.
There were not good red varieties including Orientals so far, but these OT red varieties do not have projections, and the colours are not dusky. Although there are still things to consider such as variety characters or colouring in Japanfs climates, the breeding companies have improved stem life and made them look better even when they die. These challenges widen the potentiality of lily varieties.

One more week to Lily Festa!!!
@@@140 varieties started to bloom in last 2 days.
@@@You need to entry to join the festival.
@@ Phone call is available too!@We are looking forward to many visits!