The Interim Report of the Harvest in Holland(December 6,2013)

Thank you very much for the continuous business with us.
We give the interim report about the harvest in Holland below.

 Overall, the harvest of these varieties was not good and the large shortage occurred for the varieties of El Divo, Hyde Park, Eremo, Indian Summerset and so on.
 According to the exporters, “Small planting materials were the lack of enlargement by dense planting” and “Large planting materials were too much enlargement by wide planting”. We think these ways caused the shortage of 12-14 cm or 14-16 cm size (intermediate-size). (We don’t know the reason why they planted like preventing from the intermediate-size, which is world widely demanded.)

 The normal year, the harvest of these varieties begin in November but it continued rain until 10th of November this year, so it started actually from the middle of November.
 In early November, when we visited in Holland, the temperature was a bit high, so what they didn’t dig because of rain was good for preventing from rot.
 It is slightly being late but the harvest is going well by a good weather. It is expected that two thirds of the harvest will have done by 1st weekend of December.
(We are so surprised by a large-scale and speed in Holland. They dig OR/OT more than 2000 ha area for about a month and a half. We hope a good weather there.)
 The same result of enlargement is worried like LA/A, but it will be found later. The stock of Holland is getting less and less.

☆Our staff, Mr, Yasuhito Onishi, he is dispatched in Holland since December.
(Photo : right side is him)
 He is learning arrival checking in P.F. Onings B.V. which is our largest supplyer.
 Now, the crop dug at the end of November is arriving to the exporters, and then we heard that it was no problem about condition of the looks or sprout so far.